London Youth Dance Day 11th July 2010

Youth Street Beats management committee member Margaret Noel and founder of Descendants Youth Group suggested that the children needed a further challenge this year so they should perform at the London Youth Dance Day at the Scoop. This is an 800-seater amphitheatre next to London’s City Hall on the South Bank of the Thames.

The event “The Big Dance” took place over two days, with the Children performing on the Sunday 11th July 2010. We were among over 40 youth dance companies from London and beyond taking part.Youth Street Beats decided to take up the challenge set by London Youth organisers to responding to the theme “Five World Continents”. Once again this was a brilliant event that brought Y.S.B children and their families together.

The Sun was shining and everyone was smiling! Youth Street Beats set high Standards representing West London and the London Borough of Ealing. We had a parent who took part in the Limbo challenge and won, also a young member who won the calypso dancing competition as well as a sister winning tickets for a dance show after coming runner up for yet another challenge, (see video and pictures below)It’s nice to put up feedback, so here it is................

“Brilliant, just brilliant, I’m glad I came. I’m feeling so proud of them all. It was nice to see that their dance was different in a lot of ways from the other groups. You could appreciate the music and the dance moves, it was very special and the children certainly rose to the challenge”



“I was nervous at first because I could see all the people just looking down at me, but I’m sad now, I want to do it again and again, I love our dance”